Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Pokey

Last monday was lab 5 at St.Marys. I was in the special projects group this week. Our task was to interview our classmates in order to put together a newsletter. We asked several different people several different questions such as "What do you like most about St.Marys?" and "Why do you want to be a Physical Education teacher?" I then consolidated the responses and developed a newsletter that will be left at the school to show how beneficial this program is. By the time I had finished it was time for the closing activities. I was in charge of the ending song. I had downloaded a thanksgiving themed song called "What does a turkey do?" Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and were unable to play my song. I had to improvise in a matter of seconds. So at that moment I decided to go with something I already knew. The Hokey Pokey except I changed it to the Turkey Pokey. Instead of hand, foot, head, and backside it was wing, claw, beak, and feathers. It ending up being a success and everyone got involved and looked like they were having fun.

To see what I think about our activities at St.Marys Click Here!

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