Friday, September 30, 2011

Lab 2 St.Marys

Lab 2 was a lot different from lab 1. This time we actually got to teach the kids a game. I was excited yet nervous to teach in front of the students. I had the boys and girl sit criss cross applesauce in front of me while facing the stage, that way they weren't distracted by the kids engaged in activity on the other half of the gymnasium. I introduced the game friendship tag (elbow tag) and I had integrated the various motor skills into the game. They kids had ball. When teaching in this setting I think its crucial to keep the kids interested in the activity. Changing up the game with a few tweaks here and there can be a huge help to getting all the students involved in each activity. One thing that my group actually did was motivated one of the students. This little boy did not want to play one of games but instead another game. I remember one of my peers actually said "once we get through this one game we might have time to play your game after". This immediately got the student engaged in the activity we were about to play. In addition to keeping the students engaged it is all important to come prepared. If you aren't prepared to teach your game then the chances of it running smoothly are pretty slim. So make sure you have all the materials needed, know what your going to say and make sure you keep the instructions short and sweet so you don't confuse the kids.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Using "shamed" games

In my PE class I wouldn't use these "shamed" games. They are in the Hall of Shame for a reason. I feel that games like dodgeball, red rover, or tag don't teach kids the fundamentals. When it comes to actually playing these games, not everybody is active. For example, if we are playing dodgeball the weakest kids are going to be the ones who get out first. After they get out what do they do? They sit or stand on the sidelines until they can get back in. Its called physical education for a reason. These games do not keep the students actively engaged in class. I do however believe that these "shamed" are fun, I remember playing them in grade school. Looking back I realize how inactive kids were in PE class. These games are not meant for PE.