Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lets leap, side step and jump horizontally!

Lab 3 at St.Marys was an enjoyable one. I have been steadily improving and I can see the improvement in my peers as well. Our theme for this lab was sports and my group this week was the gym group. We were the ones who got to present our games first while the rest of our peers overlooked the motor skills for that day. My game involved being a race car driver. I think the students really enjoyed this game and I actually got everyone to pay attention while going over the instructions. Toward the end of the day I played a game called "ninja" with a few girls. I had seen this game in class but it never looked like a game anyone would actually play. Boy was I wrong! These girls dominated this game and I would lose every time. Although I failed it was definitely a fun game. It got our group laughing and we ended up having a good time with it. I will keep this game in mind. I think is could be a good ice breaker in my class someday.

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